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Experienced Bariatric Surgery Team

At the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery in Dallas, Texas, our bariatric surgery program is specially designed to help overweight patients safely lose weight and improve the quality of their life.* Dr. Alexander is now performing surgeries at First Baptist Medical Center, a new, state-of-the-art surgical speciality hospital.

A Team Approach

The patient support, surgical, and nursing teams at the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery and First Baptist Medical Center are committed to providing advanced, compassionate care for bariatric patients that will enable success in their weight loss objectives.

Our team includes board-certified specialists in a variety of medical disciplines. These experienced professionals can help with almost any medical condition that may arise before, during and after bariatric surgery, and they are all deeply invested in your long-term success.

Your Safety Comes First

Safety is the foundation of Dr. Alexander’s practice, and is our highest priority in every phase of treatment. We offer advanced surgical procedures, including gastric bypasssleeve gastrectomy, bariatric revision, and post-weight loss reconstructive surgery.

Our patients receive top-notch care from an extensive network of highly trained specialists led by Dr. Alexander. Our program has been developed over many years and we are now in a stage that excellent, board-certified doctors in different sub-specialties cover every aspect of your health.


First Baptist Medical CenterThe following subspecialties are deeply involved in your care. The individual doctors are board certified  in their specialty and have extensive experience in obesity surgery treatment. Each doctor and specialist has enthusiasm for helping you succeed in your goals.

  • Family Practitioners/M.D.Internists/M.D.
  • Cardiologists/M.D.
  • Pulmonologists/M.D.
  • Endocrinologists/M.D.
  • Diabetic Team
  • Respiratory Team
  • Dietician Team
  • Physical Therapy Team/Rehabilitation Team
  • Rehabilitation M.D.
  • Psychologists/Ph.D.

The Pre-surgical Consultation

Your pre-surgical consultation sets the tone for your experience with us. As a patient of the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery, you can expect to be treated with the respect that is your due. At our comfortable practice in Dallas, we explore the full medical history of each bariatric surgery patient from Fort Worth and elsewhere in order to address existing health problems and design a truly personalized weight loss plan.

Our goal during this consultation is to discover your unique needs so we can satisfy them. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have so we can help you to be fully informed about and involved in your treatment.

*Results may not represent typical surgical outcomes. Every surgery and each patient undergoing bariatric surgery represents unique sets of circumstances and, therefore, results will vary.