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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Support and Recovery

A bariatric procedure represents a life-long commitment to healthier habits and a new lifestyle. At the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery, serving Dallas / Fort Worth, we want all our bariatric weight loss patients to succeed. Our patients draw strength from a powerful support network during the weight loss process and for the rest of their lives, helping them meet their goals and successfully transform their lives.*

Follow-up Appointments

For the first six months after bariatric surgery, all weight loss patients should have monthly checkups. Besides offering support and encouragement, we will track your weight loss and overall health, ensure that there are no developing problems or complications, and offer advice to help you succeed.

After reaching the six-month milestone, you will return every three months to ensure that you receive only the superior private medical care that you deserve. Our goal is to help you stay healthy for the rest of your life.

After Bariatric Surgery Diet

Gastric reduction surgery will limit the amount of food you can eat.  You will be given a diet to follow after surgery.  However, you will still need to make appropriate food choices and healthy lifestyle changes in order for your weight loss procedure to work most effectively.

About Vitamins and Nutrition

Restricting the amount of food you eat and/or reducing your body’s ability to absorb calories also affects the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. For this reason, patients who undergo a bariatric weight loss procedure need to be very careful about nutrition. The goal is not only to lose weight, but also to be healthier, and the key to this is a dietary plan consisting of foods with high concentrations of vitamins and nutrients. You will also need to take special vitamin supplements to round out the post-bariatric weight loss diet and support a healthy recovery.

There is no such thing as quick and easy weight loss for obesity. However, at our practice serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area, bariatric surgery patients can find outstanding weight loss support and treatment. Our medical care is unsurpassed, and we care deeply about helping people get healthy. Contact the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery today to find out how we can help you.


*Results may not represent typical surgical outcomes. Every surgery and each patient undergoing bariatric surgery represents unique sets of circumstances and, therefore, results will vary.