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Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic gastric bypass or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, are the most commonly performed types of obesity surgery in the U.S. The ultimate goal of any bariatric procedure is to reduce the patient’s calorie intake and stimulate weight loss.

Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are many reasons to undergo a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure. The most important reason, however, is your health. Obese individuals who lose significant weight can avoid or reduce the effects of diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and many other uncomfortable, inconvenient and life-threatening health problems. To see what gastric bypass has done for some of our past patients, please visit our gallery of weight loss before-and-after pictures and read our patients’ testimonials.*

Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery have the capacity of their stomachs reduced, which helps them continue to limit their food intake over time and maintain a healthy weight.*

The Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Procedure

Gastric bypass surgery at our Dallas / Fort Worth-area practice is generally performed laparoscopically: Dr. Alexander makes only small incisions through which the surgery is performed with the aid of a special device called a laparoscope. This technique allows patients to avoid large surgical scars and recover from surgery much more quickly.*

When performing a laparoscopic gastric bypass, Dr. Alexander creates a small stomach pouch, closing most of the stomach in order to reduce its capacity so patients will feel full after smaller meals. Next he attaches a Y-shaped section of intestine to the new stomach pouch, bypassing a portion of the intestine in order to reduce the number of calories that patients absorb. Smaller meals and less calorie absorption create the ideal conditions for massive weight loss.

Like any weight loss procedure, gastric bypass involves a total lifestyle change that can be emotionally and physically taxing at first. At the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery, we have a complete post-surgical support program in place to help our patients make the transition to better health as easily as possible.


*Results may not represent typical surgical outcomes. Every surgery and each patient undergoing bariatric surgery represents unique sets of circumstances and, therefore, results will vary.