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Before/After Bariatric Patient Photo Gallery and Testimonials

View our Bariatric Patient Photos of Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Bariatric Revision, and Post-Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery patients. Serving patients in Dallas / Ft. Worth, throughout Texas and around the world, the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery is dedicated to helping people take control of their weight in order to live healthy lives. Using advanced bariatric surgery techniques, we have helped countless people improve their health and live the life they choose.* Dr. Alexander has the experience and advanced training needed to offer a safe and effective surgical weight loss program.

Anjie lost 101 lbs.*

Karen lost 114 lbs.*

Jeannie lost 156 lbs.*

Kenneth and Jamie

Kenneth and Jamie are husband and wife. Kenneth lost 183 lbs.* Jamie lost 188 lbs.*

Larissa lost 88 lbs.*

Kim lost 125 lbs.*

Chirs and Jennifer

Chris and Jennifer are brother and sister. Chris lost 185 lbs.*  Jennifer lost 156 lbs.*

Dr. Alexander was wonderful. He truly cares about his patients, which is something that is rare. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Dallas Metroplex who is considering bariatric surgery.


Charlotte lost 111 lbs.*

I first met Dr. Alexander in May of 2001 during my initial consultation for bariatric surgery. I won't go into detail about his bedside manner and how friendly his office staff is, although I think these points are very important and ones that Dr. Alexander and his staff excel in. I would like to speak to you as someone who is two years post-op and has a true understanding of what is involved in each step of the entire bariatric surgery process. I can honestly say that I believe anyone who has the opportunity to have Dr. Alexander should take every measure possible to have this man operate on them. In the last 24 months I have become more educated on this procedure than I had planned. So many people saw my weight loss and became tremendously interested in what I had done. I saw many of them go to Dr. Alexander in Dallas for bariatric surgery, and I saw those who, for whatever reason (usually geographic), did not. Several of those who had not seen Dr. Alexander had problems with the procedure. Being the more experienced "member of the club," I was their mentor and soon found I had to gather information on things I had no experience with such as dumping, leakage, vomiting, [and] cold sweats. These were not things I had experienced post-op and I had no idea how to comfort those who had come across these complications. I talked to those who had gone through the surgery with Dr. Alexander and I found that they had little to no experience with these types of complications. None of us had experienced the kind of negative side effects the others were now victim to. This completely puzzled me and had me digging for answers. What I discovered was simple: a doctor who has perfected his procedure and offered his patients the kind of post-operative experience that everyone is entitled to. Dr. Alexander is truly different. His procedure is his own and no one can duplicate it. When you go to visit him, ask him about his post-operative complications, inquire about the number of fatalities he's had, ask him how many people have come back after having bariatric surgery displeased with their results. You know what you'll hear? Nothing! Nothing but a wonderful surgeon who is changing lives and helping people get to where they want to be in the best, safest way possible! I wish you all the opportunity to visit Dr. Alexander. Who knows, maybe you'll be like me - two years post-op and at my ideal height and weight: six feet tall, 160 pounds! Take the next step with courage and confidence!*

Carmalla H.

I really like Dr. Alexander. He makes you feel like you are his only patient. He took the time to tell me all about the surgery types, and about the type I will be having. He took the time to answer all my questions. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. He addressed all the risks of the surgery, but I have heard from many patients and even hospital staff that he has no patients who have had complications. He has done [thousands of] revisions and gastric bypasses with no complications and no deaths. That is why I chose him... He has an excellent bedside manner and surgical competence.*

Lori L.

Dr. Alexander is the best. He is light years ahead of most of the other Dallas / Fort Worth area surgeons performing bariatric surgery... A local Dallas TV station featured a bariatric surgeon who was supposed to be doing something new - they should have done the feature on Dr. Alexander. The report focused on the type of incision this doctor used - Dr. Alexander's is better, more efficient and smaller by far. He has tiny, skilled hands, so my scar is not quite four inches long. More important than the incision, however, are the results of the surgery, the recovery, how easy it is to assimilate back into a normal life. This is what Dr. Alexander is all about. The aftercare is great. The monthly support groups featuring Dr. Alexander are so informative and encouraging. While I was in the hospital, I was amazed at his system. So many people - doctors and nurses - viewed and reviewed every detail of my chart and me. Dr. Alexander has a wonderful bedside manner. His office staff is very attentive, and have always answered my questions and concerns quickly and made me feel important. He is now working on doing a free bariatric surgery each month, donating his time and talent! I am very impressed and so glad that I was directed to Dr. Alexander!*

Julie M.

My first impression of Dr. Alexander was that he was extremely sincere and kind. He made me feel like he was genuinely concerned for me... I was a bit emotional, and he was understanding and encouraging. Since then, my impression has only improved. Prior to selecting Dr. Alexander, I went through seminars with three other "top" weight loss surgeons in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and it always felt like a cattle call - like bariatric surgery patients were just numbers and there was nothing personalized about it. I chose Dr. Alexander because other patients said he was different, and I have not been disappointed. Aftercare is less structured than with those other doctors, but only because it seems to lend itself more to being personalized and, if desired, more private. I would much rather work with his team to determine what's right for me, rather than be required to comply with a generic regimen and schedule that involves a lot of mandatory meetings and trips back and forth, jeopardizing my job and disrupting my family (I'm over an hour away). The groups are there if you want them, but you aren't forced to participate if you're not comfortable, and I like that level of respect for the patient.*

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Dr. Alexander works with a team of highly skilled physicians, surgeons and nurses. expert psychologists. therapists and dieticians, and a veteran support staff that will work with insurance companies to help patients maximize coverage of expenses. This team has worked together for many years and every member is unwaveringly committed to the success of their patients. View our gallery of weight loss before-and-after pictures to see the difference this approach to weight loss can make.*

The Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery is dedicated to helping people take control of their weight in order to live healthy lives. Using the latest surgical weight loss techniques we have helped countless people improve their health in order to live longer and enjoy life more.* Surgeries are performed at First Baptist Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, a premier North Texas surgical specialty hospital.

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