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Revision of Previous Bariatric Surgery – LAP-BAND® / Gastric Bypass Revision

In an ideal world, every weight loss procedure would have the desired results. However, complications may arise in some cases that must be addressed. Revision of LAP-BAND® or gastric bypass surgery may be the solution. Dr. John Alexander performs LAP-BAND® and gastric bypass revision surgery for Dallas / Forth Worth area patients in need. If you are experiencing problems of any kind, including post-surgical complications, unsatisfactory weight loss and weight regain, please do not hesitate to come see us as soon as possible. Problems associated with weight loss surgery may be very discouraging, but you do not have to face them without help.

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

Patients who have previous gastric bypass surgery occasionally require revision.* This may be required if the stomach pouch has stretched. The stomach’s capacity may increase over time and slow down weight loss; some patients may regain some of the weight they have lost. Revision surgery can help patients get back on track with their weight loss goals.

If you are experiencing problems from previous gastric bypass surgery, we can help. Contact us today for information on gastric bypass revision surgery.

LAP-BAND® Revision Surgery

One of the most important advantages of gastric banding is its adjustability. The LAP-BAND® System can be tightened or loosened without revision surgery simply by adding or removing saline fluid. This flexibility allows Dr. Alexander to fine-tune the band in order to produce the best possible combination of sustained weight loss and minimal side effects. In this way, many patients who initially experience problems with the LAP-BAND® System may be able to resolve them without revision surgery.

Sometimes, however, adjustments do not solve the problem, and LAP-BAND® revision surgery becomes necessary. Dr. Alexander can perform surgery to remove the gastric band and convert to a gastric bypass. This approach has the advantage of somewhat faster weight loss and avoids the necessity for an artificial implant.* As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Alexander is qualified to perform complex procedures, making the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery an ideal destination for any Dallas / Fort Worth-area resident in need of LAP-BAND® revision surgery.

At the Alexander Center for Obesity Surgery, every member of our staff wants to help you succeed. Serving the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area, we offer gastric bypass and LAP-BAND® revision surgery to help bariatric surgery patients achieve their weight loss goals. Please contact our practice if you are experiencing problems of any kind related to a bariatric procedure.

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*Results may not represent typical surgical outcomes. Every surgery and each patient undergoing bariatric surgery represents unique sets of circumstances and, therefore, results will vary.

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